My name is Pete Chavez, the owner and head coach of Chavez Boxing Gym; a Phoenix-based gym specializing in one-on-one private training for men, women, and children. I’ve been a part of the Phoenix boxing scene for over three decades.

As a member of my gym, you will receive personalized training sessions to assure that you receive optimal results. My assistant coaches and I are committed to giving our members the support that they need to be successful in developing their boxing skills, improving their technique, and reaching their fitness goals.

Your workout will be tailored to match your skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter. Our fast-paced drills will help you increase your stamina, gain discipline, and build confidence.

Members of my gym are also encouraged to come in and train any day of the week, even when they are not scheduled, at no additional cost.

If you’re looking for a fitness program that will challenge you and take you to the next level in boxing, then Chavez Boxing is the place for you. I look forward to training with you.




Coach Pete "The Punisher" Chavez