The Chavez Boxing Gym is a Phoenix-based gym specializing in one-on-one private training for men and women.

In recent times, it has become of utmost importance for everyone to have the ability to defend oneself from physical abuse and unwarranted attacks from assailants.

At Chavez Boxing Gym, we help our Trainees to achieve self defense status that secures their confidence and increases their sense of responsibility and discipline.

We also help our Trainees improve on their self esteem and get the kind of body and posture they want through our extensive one-on-one fitness training programs.

The Gym’s founder and owner, Pete “The Punisher” Chavez, has been part of the Phoenix boxing scene for over three decades.

As a coach and gym owner, his mission is to provide his clients with the environment and training regimen they need to reach their fitness goals. 

If you are serious about achieving the conditioning and confidence that can only come from a boxer’s training regimen, then Chavez Boxing is the place for you!

We encourage you to go around on our website to access our services, Program of events and other cool stuff we've got in place!

You're Welcome once more!

Best Regards,

Coach Pete "The Punisher" Chavez